"Dancers are athletes of God."

Melissa Hamilton & Eric Underwood

Photo call at the Royal Ballet’s rehearsal of Wayne McGregor’s Infra, a dramatic and emotive piece, even though plotless. Taken at the end of February, 2010 at the triple bill ‘Friends’ rehearsal

Paris Opera Ballet School 2014.02.12
Photo by @_gohu


isabella ciarovola

Looking exactly like a Cellini statue. Love.

Daria Pavlenko in In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated.


Paloma Herrera - Apollo


Friedemann Vogel in Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Japan gala 2012

Just been accepted into Central School of Ballet in London, UK!


Kenneth MacMillan, Romeo and Juliet
Alessandra Ferri
Ph. Leslie E. Spatt
The key to success is to not think about it. Just develop as a whole. Reach for your goals, have a drive. Your desire should overcome physics and you should be ready to move mountains. It doesn’t mean you have to want to impress the audience, critics, or the director… You have to need it badly for yourself, in the first place. And only then you can live and infect people around you with your inspiration, impulsion, energy, the power to create and to achieve. Spread it.
by Diana Vishneva
Mariinsky’s Swan Lake w/ Uliana Lopatkina

So last night I went to see the Mariinsky’s Swan Lake and I have never CRIED so much at anything, ever.

The orchestra, the dancers, the costumes, the scenery. Everything was even more amazing than I ever could have dreamed of. 

P.S. the role of Odette/Odile BELONGS to Uliana Lopatkina.