"Dancers are athletes of God."
Mariinsky’s Romeo & Juliet w/ Alina Somova

(I got more Mariinsky tickets at the ROH for those who are wondering) 

May I just say… Up until about 3 hours ago I really was not a big fan of Somova. But now all has changed!! She was the PERFECT Juliet, she is a fantastic actress and while her technique wasn’t spot on all the time - it doesn’t matter, her charisma and charm carried her through. I went to the theatre expecting tacky extensions and uneven classical lines but she went further than proving me wrong, I would now say she is probably one of my favourite Juliets! 

ALSO, Kim Kimin is DEFFFFFFINITELY one to watch! Wonderful stage presence.


Jerome Robbins, Dances at a Gathering
Agnès Letestu
ph. Sébastien Mathé


Isabelle and Mathieu at the rehearsal

those pants tho

Paris Opera Ballet

Isabelle Ciaravola and Florian Magnenet in L’Historie de Manon
Photo: Anne Deniau [x]

Sarah Lamb, Manon

Mathilde Froustey, Nikiya
Who is this girl with her lovely long, turned out limbs?